About Josh

My programming career started in College in 2001 where I worked as a software developer.  I performed a multitude of duties using various languages, but this is where I really had my first taste of .Net.

After 3 years of working for campus, I rounded out my 4th year 1 class short of graduation with a Bachelors in Computer Science: The bane of my existence – Computer Organization II.  This class was all about hardware; not my cup of tea.  But I had a job offer none the less, and they were willing to pay for my last class.

So, I took a job building .Net websites at a large market reasearch company.  I was fresh meat, new to the industry, and the only .Net I had written was self-taught, and in VB.Net.  So, they took me under their wing and the next 2 years was an awesome, underpaid, learning experience.  I’ll always value my time there, because I learned a lot.  After 2 years, I left the company to begin consulting.

2007 to 2010 I was working as a consultant.  My primary focus has been .Net; the newer the better.  I have always strived to stay up on the latest and greatest.  I’ve been on gigs including building a .Net app for hyper-spectral imaging, crop yield predictions based on climate and soils, business cost reporting, and interfacing an HR system with a Learning Management System.  I was even on a team building a unique social networking site that released in early April, 2010, but has since tanked.

I am now working in the electronic payments space for a small company.  I head up or mobile and web initiative and do my development in .Net, Java, and a little bit of objective C.

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